Douglass Square and Honour Gardens

Douglass Square, (formerly, to the early 1920s, Grand Square), at the head of Honour Avenue, was originally set aside in 1861 as part of a travelling stock reserve. It was to play a central part in the community history of Lawson.

douglass square

In 1898 it was dedicated as a recreation reserve for Lawson and in 1917 this reserve, along with Bellevue Park and the North and South Lawson Parks were transferred to the control of the Shire Council.

In 1915 the present Square was reserved as the entry to the Memorial Avenue for servicemen of World War 1

honour gardens

Lady Edgeworth David dedicated the area reserved for a Memorial avenue in 1918.(above)

Sir William Davidson K.C.M.G. Governor of N.S.W., unveiled the cenotaph on 27th April 1923.

Sir John Sulman at that time a resident of Lawson drew up plans for the layout of trees in the Avenue and following Council approval in 1928 supervised the work, including a major stone retaining wall, without fee. Trees and palms were planted, at least thirty five memorial plaques have been placed at the base of trees. More trees have recently been planted at the south end of the Honour Gardens.

Honour Gardens and Douglass Square Photos 

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