Edwardian Cottages... Hazelbrook
selwood old photo

Directly opposite the overpass at Hazelbrook Station at 41 Railway Parade, Hazelbrook, is Selwood. It was certainly built by Thomas Thompson (Wine and Spirit Merchant) between 1889 and 1892. The documentation shows that this parcel of land did not carry a dwelling until 1889 or thereabouts. Many 'urban myths' have developed around Selwood.

Fortunately, the documentation still exists which explodes those myths. Although Selwood was not the first house built in Hazelbrook it is without doubt one of the oldest extant buildings in the area.

The claims that it was built in 1865 and that Charles Darwin stayed there are inaccurate.

It became an Art Gallery in 1984. The present owners, Kelvin and Joan Stevenson (1987), are constantly enhancing this local historic attraction. It is a 5 bedroom cottage set in grounds containing a blacksmith's forge and part of stables and 3 large pine trees almost a century old.

Selwood is one of the most interesting and best preserved homes in the Central Mountains.

Now known also as 'The Collier Art Gallery' and open to the public it stands as a reminder of the elegance of the late-nineteenth century.A building with the genuine heritage of 'Selwood' does not need to be shrouded in mystery or inaccuracy in order to captivate the admiration and foster a love of historical buildings.

Now that its heritage is fully documented and authenticated herein it is of far greater value to the community than it would be with doubtful claims made on its behalf by earlier generations. Residents have immense pride in Selwood, which ought to be on the itinerary of every visitor to Hazelbrook